Rita Cullis
Rita Cullis - Soprano


The Flying Dutchman
“Robert Hale’s commanding Senta is British soprano Rita Cullis, who has all the vocal beauty, size and pungency the role requires plus a thrilling poise in the acting of it. Her appearance on the Civic Theatre stage has to be one of the high points of this memorable San Diego Opera Season.”
– Daniel Cariaga, The Los Angeles Times
“Rita Cullis was splendid as the self-sacrificing Senta, displaying a voice that was almost as powerful as a northern gale and a whole lot prettier.”
- Valerie Scher, The San Diego Union Tribune
“Cullis is a consistent delight, putting heart and soul into her singing and acting.”
– Andrew Clements, The Guardian
Albert Herring
“Rita Cullis is outstanding as Lady Billows”
- Hugh Canning, Sunday Times
“Rita Cullis's feisty Lady Billows had the full Wagnerian top-register Monty to send shivers down the spine of lesser mortals.”
- George Hall, Opera
King Priam
“Rita Cullis’s Hecuba has all the vocal strength to be frightening in her quest for vengeance.”
- John Allison, The Times
The Carmelites
“Rita Cullis imparting enormous dignity to the new prioress, Madam Lidoine, in one of the most moving scenes in opera”
– Peter Hepple, Stage
“the gleaming purity of Rita Cullis’s Mme Lidoine, who soars ecstatically to the stratosphere and creates a complementary aura of dignity and calm amid the prevailing hysteria.”
– Hugh Canning
“when Rita Cullis arrives in full vocal flood as Madam Lidoine, it’s full house.”
- Tom Sutcliffe, The Evening Standard
Peter Grimes
“Ellen Orford ... beautifully sung by Rita Cullis”
- Mischa Spel, NRC Handelsblad
“Rita Cullis’s Ellen Orford was in the same class; the burnished tone with which she attacked ‘Let her among you without fault’ was as exciting as her insinuating soft singing of ‘Were we mistaken’ at the turning point of the action. This highly accomplished, rashly undervalued soprano has done nothing better.”
- Rodney Milnes, The Times
“Rita Cullis was an equally fine and convincing Ellen, defending herself with ringing tone and clarity in her confrontation with the townsfolk.”
– Michael Kennedy, The Sunday Telegraph